On a wall of images the pictures are talking alone and with each other, all at the same time. They form a mosaic, a pattern where each photograph has equal importance. Traditional and folkloristic motifs combine with the modern and contemporary face of Bangkok; all of these elements coexist. A colourful collage of diverse photographs shows the city through all different periods of architecture and varying landscapes, both from broad perspectives and in detail. Surfaces, materials, structures, and everything in between are portrayed. Perspective and light are ever-changing, but the idea of Heidi Specker is to show the special density in the atmosphere of a city.
The work is shown as a wall installation consisting of groups of images in threes and fours, all the same size, which appear in this constellation as miniatures. They are put together to form one large work - a map of a city - showing the chaotic richness of a metropolis. The photographs depict this richness and parallel universe as overwhelming, but still organized in its largeness. Bangkok is a city in a foreign country, but at the same time an unexpectedly familiar image.